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The Save The Futurist campaign has found overwhelming support both locally and nationally, with professionals across the business sector, the tourism industry and commercial theatre standing firm in the belief that The Futurist Theatre is an asset to Scarborough and a restored and upgraded Futurist, as part of a long-term cultural strategy for the town, will bring millions into the local economy.




The campaign itself is run by professionals from a diverse range of industries including commercial theatre, advertising, business management and building restoration, all of whom believe that the economic benefits to Scarborough of having the fifth largest theatre in the country hugely outweigh the cost of restoring and upgrading the building and wish to see the Futurist Theatre restored and renovated to meet modern standards.



Following our publication in the December issue of the Scarborough Review, we will also be publishing a pull-out in The Scarborough News on 29/12/16 outlining our case for saving the Futurist.  Download it below!


Download PDF:


For up to date information on the campaign and more information on the ways the Futurist Theatre  could benefit Scarborough's economy, visit and LIKE our facebook page facebook.com/savethefuturist or our twitter page twitter.com/Save_Futurist


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